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"I was extremely terrified to go to a chiropractor, after talking with my brother about some of the issues I was having he convinced me that I needed to go ASAP. He recommended Fiore Chiropractic to me.. I called and made an appointment with Dr Drew, and from the moment I walked in everyone was very friendly, helpful, educational and I felt as if they really cared about my wellbeing. He ran test did X-rays and came up with the right plan of action to help me. They do not just adjust you and send you on your way, they get to what is causing the issue and help you the best that they can so that your body can properly heal itself, and no further problems develop. I would highly recommend them to anyone and I have recommended them to quite a few friends and family members already. Everyone that knows me is in complete shock that I am going to a chiropractor and that I actually look forward to it every week, and I just tell them after my first visit and my first adjustment , I felt so comfortable and had a much better understanding of what it is they do. So if you are on here and wondering if this is right for you, or if you are scared like I was, it is okay... make the call, schedule the appointment, show up and walk out feeling great because you are at the right place!" - Rebecca Bonasera (July 2021)

"Immediately when you walk in you are welcomed by happy faces. You can tell the staff know, and care about every single patient that walks through the door. The doctors are knowledgeable and professional, you know you're in safe and capable hands. The staff are sweet and kind. I've only been getting adjust for a couple of months now and the progress i made is amazing. I used to think chiropractic was a joke, that anyone can crack a back, and that it was a frivolous expense. After going to Dr. Fiore for a few months i realize just how wrong i was, he has magical hands. The chronic neck and back pain that i was so used to i assumed it was standard, and everyone felt it was anything but. Dr. Fiore is patient and kind and really knows what he's doing. I would 100% recommend anyone and everyone of every age to go see Dr. Fiore and his wonderful staff at Fiore Chiropractic" -April Williams (April 2020)

"Occasionally I would think about finding a Chiropractor to help with the pain in my neck and lower back but never did believing this was just part of growing old. But low and behold, they found me! Dr. Fiore was part of a health day at my Pasadena Y. Just a few minutes later, he palpated my neck and explained what could be done to help with the pains I was experiencing.
Dr. Fiore is wonderful but I mainly see Dr. Drew who is a magical manipulator! Both doctors are patient, kind and caring. They listen and make sure everything they are doing is working for you.
The benefits I am seeing since getting the chiropractic help I needed are an overall sense of well being. I do not have the daily pain in my neck and my lower back has improved 100%. I discovered I don't have to live with the pain and am experiencing a much better me.
I am grateful for the warm, friendly faces of Harmony and Lisa who assist with the flow of patients...they are the best!
Thank you all for all you do!" -Nancy Fields (May 2020)

"I am truly thankful for Dr. Drew, Dr. Fiore, Harmony and the rest of the wonderful staff. I love most of all getting my immune system adjusted. Wanted be as healthy without them. The best Chiropractic service I have ever gotten. I recommend them to my family and friends whenever I get a chance." -Patti Barker (September 2020)

"I injured my back 15 years ago while lifting a lawnmower out of the trunk of my car. I have used chiropractors off and on ever since. When I moved to the Pasadena area several years ago, I was fortunate to discover Dr. Firore's practice. When I first visited his office I was pleased to meet his very friendly and welcoming staff. He first took x-rays to know what he was dealing with and then we had a full consultation, no questions went unanswered. His logical approach was very reassuring. Dr Fiore treats the whole patient and is concerned with your total health. At nearly 80 years I attribute my ability to still work in the garden and on my sail boat to Dr Fiore and his care. My thanks go out to Dr Fiore, Dr drew and his wonderful staff." -Ed Stanley (May 2020)


"I have had the honor of coming to Dr. Fiore for the past 30 years.
What sets Dr. Fiore apart from other chiropractors is his ability to treat the
whole patient; he is not only interested in your health, he is interested in YOU.
I think one of his greatest pleasures is seeing a patient go from "needing repair"
to a state of optimal health. Dr. Fiore will be the first to tell you that there is a difference between "not being sick" and
being optimally healthy- that is, living your best life! And, thanks in great part to him, I am!" (May 2020)


"I am truly thankful to everyone in your office Dr. Fiore for the pleasant way I am always greeted and cared about during this Quarantine of stay at home, especially for me since I am high risk. The adjustments I am receiving from Dr. Fiore has definitely helped me to relieve the severe pain I previously have had with my back... I have been able to get off of and remain off of my pain medication which I think is wonderful! All of you are a blessing in disguise... Thank you for your help and your concern for me." Mary Massey (May 2020)





Where do I start...? Dr. Fiore and his wonderful staff have always looked out for my husband and I. With numerous injuries, aches and pains from the daily grind over the last 25 years, Dr. Fiore has been there to provide excellent Chiropractic care, and expert advice for numerous Health and well-being issues. He is an Educator as well as a Health care Provider in Chiropractic care. When I leave Fiore's office after an adjustment, I have been informed or reminded on what to do when I get home to help the healing process. That means a lot to us. My husband Phil was slow to convince that regular adjustments were the key to our well-being, but now reminds me to come. Dr. Joe has the nicest support staff you'll ever want to meet and/or deal with. Lisa and Nicole, and of course Dr. Drew, are cheerful, helpful and couldn't be nicer! (May 2014)


Hi! If you are interested in living, not just being alive, make chiropractic a part of your life! Dr. Fiore and his wonderful staff have been a part of my life for the past 20 years. They hold a permanent spot on my calendar as I see them on a weekly basis. This single choice has allowed me to live pain free without over the counter or prescribed medications for over 18 years, however, more importantly it opened my eyes to a whole world of alternate possibilities. I've been enriched and Dr. Fiore has lead the way. I'm humbled by his knowledge and very grateful. What would my life be without chiropractic? Not sure, but certainly very painful. What is life like with chiropractic? GREAT!! Make an appointment! - Denise Wallnofer (May 2014)


I began seeking chiropractic care several years ago for an ever increasing frequency of low back pain. Like so many people I've talked to, once I stopped hurting, I stopped going. I call this "No Pain and No Gain". I may not have had pain; but I wasn't getting the 'gain' of good health either. Finally late last year I visited a wonderful chiropractor in Wyoming while visiting my daughter. He offered to find me excellent chiropractic care closer to my home in Maryland. He researched chiropractors in my area, called them, and decided that Dr. Fiore was the best fit. Boy was he ever right! I feel truly cared for, inside and out. Dr. Fiore and Dr. Drew have helped me tremendously with back and hand pain, foot problems, even helped me get over a cold without prescription or over the counter medication! I finally feel as though I'm moving toward total health thanks to the diligent and compassionate care of the entire staff. I don't think I've ever felt better! - Pam Raymond (May 2014)


I started seeing a chiropractor when I was 15 and the first thing I did when I moved to Baltimore was find a chiropractor. I have been a patient at Fiore Chiropractic for 7 years now. Dr. Fiore has not only helped with my physical ailments (headaches, backaches, etc...), but also my overall health and perspective on life. The entire staff is welcoming, warm and friendly. I drive almost 45 minutes one way to get to the office and it is 100% totally worth the drive. I recommend Fiore Chiropractic to EVERYONE I talk to. - Melissa Lees (May 2014)


Talk about divine intervention... that is how I feel about Dr. Fiore, Dr. Drew, Lisa and Nicole. They have become my earthly angels, guiding me and supporting me throughout my latest quest to optimal health. It started as a suggestion from my neighbor to visit Dr. Fiore for chiropractic services during my recent 2 year cancer battle, but I was so sick and having major health problems, that I couldn't do it then... but had planned to as soon as I finished treatment and healed from my surgeries. I started coming religiously every week to rid myself of subluxations and boost my immune system, but they also lifted my spirits and hugged the fear of a recurrence right out of me! What a difference a year makes. The next health issue I had to address was my weight, so as soon as my doctors cleared me, I asked Dr. F about Take Shape For Life. I knew this would be a long journey as I had a significant amount of weight to lose but I was ready, once and for all, to not have this impact my life and my health any more. Nothing else was working, even dealing with my oncology nutritionist and different meal plans, so I was afraid I would never lose the weight. But I knew I had to find a way because that was the only thing I could do to help keep my cancer at bay and no one else could do this for me... That was 11 months ago and I have lost 78 pounds and am now transitioning back to regular food, armed with the knowledge and support I need to keep the weight off for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to Dr. Andersen for creating Take Shape For Life because it is a program that works and quite possibly, has saved my life. And saying "thank you" to Dr. Fiore for being my health coach and guiding me to this point doesn't seem like enough, but it comes from the heart. I also thank Dr. Drew for my adjustments and Lisa and Nicole for their never-ending support, smiles and nurturing personalities. This office is a special place, filled with special people-- so keep the hugs and love coming, although now there is so much less of me to wrap those arms around! Thank you and God bless. - Beth Nardone (May 2014)


Chiropractic care can be a great alternative to even those with issues that a doctor will try to convince you of surgery being the only option. As a child, I started to have a noticeable degree of scoliosis. One doctor wouldn't even tell my mother what degree it was, just that it was extreme enough and he recommended surgery. I'm forever thankful that my parents chose chiropractic care for me to try instead. Fast forward years later and I had moved here to Maryland. It took me until last year to finally pick a chiropractor. Before I was going to Fiore Chiropractic, my back was starting to hurt and from the high curvature of my spine I would feel very stiff if I stood too long, among other issues including lots of sinus headaches. After starting here and taking new x-rays, Dr. Joe was so helpful in showing me what degree of scoliosis I had and now have, which I learned has increased and is 120* curve. He believed I could get better by receiving chiropractic adjustments more often than I had ever gone before. What a difference this has made! The kindness, care, teachings and treatments have been a big help. Even my sinus headaches have decreased dramatically now. I appreciate how much Dr. Joe, Dr. Drew, Lisa and Nicole have helped me in this ongoing journey to better health. -Kady Victorine (May 2014)


I have been a client of Fiore Chiropractic for over 21 years. I was born and raised on a large cattle farm, until my mid-teens.  After which I worked for UPS for over 21 years.  I honestly never realized how much your job and everyday life can affect your spine.  After many years of long hard working hours, I was finding myself tired, run down, and in poor health. I was eating and working on the run. Having had two spinal surgeries and taking pain medication, I was ecstatic to say that 3 months after starting my chiropractic treatment I was off ALL medications and am still off all medications to this day. So I'm very pleased to say getting adjusted the past 21 years at Fiore Chiropractic was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my life.  As we get older, the years of hard work take a toll. With the help of Dr. Joe and his staff, my spine is in its best condition since my teen years. I truly believe this is from my dedication to Chiropractic care and nutrition. In this health conscious world, we have come to realize that Chiropractic care, Health & Nutrition, should be, as it should have always been, #1.  So when people ask me about Chiropractic care it's easy to answer; when spinal subluxations are corrected your body will work at 100% therefore good eating and nutrition will also work for you at 100%.  Yes we still all have a slow or sluggish day due to everyday life. So why would you not start with #1, your body.  So I turned to chiropractic care and am so pleased I did. Fiore Chiropractic is one of the most caring doctors’ offices I have ever seen. No question goes unanswered and there are no senseless questions, Dr. Joe has a great staff, which has shown many times that they are there for YOU.  Several years ago Dr. Joe had a questionnaire bulletin board and he asked "What does chiropractic mean to you?" My answer was and still is "My Lifetime Antibiotic". There is an old saying “seeing is believing”. I remember several years ago middle aged gentlemen came to Dr. Joe in a wheelchair. He came faithfully for his adjustments and I actually witnessed the man, about a year or so later, walking into the office and later he drove himself for treatments. I was so amazed to see the man actually walking again. I knew at that time I couldn’t go wrong with chiropractic and the help of Dr. Joe and his staff. Fiore Chiropractic also introduced me and countless others to a Nutrition Program called "Take Shape for Life". It is by far the best plan out there for losing weight, not muscle and teaches great eating habits for all ages. Thank you Dr. Joe, Dr. Drew, Lisa and Nicole for 21 years! Let’s do 21 more!! – William Evans (May 2014)


Often people comment to me that I rarely get sick. My response is always "There's a reason for that! I get chiropractic adjustments regularly and I believe that's the major reason I am well!" However I do think you need to go to a reputable practitioner. I have seen many chiropractors in my life, but I feel Fiore Chiropractic is the best! Not only are the doctors knowledgeable and skilled but the atmosphere in the office is warm and caring. Hugs are FREE and part of the treatment! They all care about you; not just your health but your life and family. I have referred many friends and acquaintances to Fiore Chiropractic. They don't just treat your symptoms; they want to keep you well. Nutrition and vitamins are also discussed; it’s a truly complete wellness package! They are also all my friends through my 20 year attendance. My children started there around age 4 or 5 years old and still see a chiropractor now at ages 25 and 27. They came to Fiore Chiropractic until they moved out of the area. They understand the importance of adjustments as part of their wellness process! If you are not getting chiropractic adjustments regularly you are missing the most important part of your attention to your health." Donna Kurrle (updated May 2014)


I have been a patient of the practice for well over a year due to previously deteriorating movement and pain, particularly in my lower back, neck and shoulders. As a gardener, home stager and keen DIYer (do-it-yourselfer) with hobbies that are heavy and cumbersome, Fiore Chiropractic has become a vital part of my health plan. Through regular adjustments I am able to continue with a full work schedule and pursue my varied past-times. The doctors take time during each visit to note changes to my health and, despite an open office plan with a no-appointment system; I am made to feel as though I am the only patient they have. The staff is wonderful and they keep me on track, especially when I have gone a little long between my adjustments. My thanks to all for keeping me straight and moving! - Julie Allison

Recently, I was asked to come in for an extra adjustment due to a challenging spot in my side. Thinking only of finances, I was reluctant, but told Dr. Fiore I would think about it. Several days later, it was Sunday, a day that I use, in part, for reviewing my life. My five life concerns are: spirituality, health, family, career and finances. As I reviewed, it became clear that I was putting finances before my health. I then reminded myself that one of my goals is optimal wellness and if I were truly committed to that, then my choice as to what to do was clear. I've just come from that extra adjustment and I feel so much better. Not just physically, but from that feeling that comes only when you know you've done the right thing.


I am a 69 year old woman who has lived with pain mostly all my adult life. I have had two knee replacement surgeries and a leg manipulation soon after my second knee replacement. I suffered with pain from scar tissue. In the past few months after receiving adjustments by Dr. Fiore my knee range increased 10% which astounded my knee surgeon and the pain from scar tissue is completely gone. I am exactly where I should be as a knee replacement patient. Aside from this, for the past year I have had renal anemia and was in renal failure. Dr. Fiore gave me hope three months ago when he said the adjustments would improve my kidneys by freeing the nerve, and the brain would tell the kidneys to function as they were designed to function. Today the long awaited results were read. My kidneys are normal. No anemia, no renal failure. My cholesterol, triglycerides and liver counts are excellent. The change in my life was Dr. Fiore and Dr. Drew and the continual encouragement by staff members. Yes, many were praying for me, but God provides healing in many ways. I believe Dr. Fiore is the instrument God used in my progressive healing. I cannot say enough about the staff. They are all exceptional. They truly care about you. From their greetings as you enter for your adjustment to the moment you leave, their well wishes and professional performance is like no other doctor's office I have ever visited. As I conclude my testimony, I find "thank you" so inadequate a response. Nonetheless, thank you Dr. Fiore, Dr. Drew, Lisa and Nicole you have been a blessing in my life. Folks, before surgery and pills to temporarily hide pain, go talk to Dr. Fiore. Get blessed as I did!


Dr. Fiore has been looking after our family for several years now. He has done wonders for my wife and in particular for me with problems I have had with my right arm and sciatica. Most recently, he went out of his way to help when a visiting family member suffered from a sprained knee. Everyone at Fiore Chiropractic is very knowledgeable and honestly ready, willing and able to help. ~ John Kovarik


I have been truly blessed in finding Dr. Fiore. I am 64 and in the spring I could not garden without pain. I thought it was just old age but after seeing Dr. Fiore now I stay in the yard just like I did 10 years ago. I also have more energy and recently had a TMJ episode that he is helping me with. I am a believer and am singing his praises. He will give you your quality of life back. Plus the girls in the office are a ray of sunshine; it is always a joy to see them too! Chiropractic is the best thing you could do for your health and general well-being. ~ Thank you. Cecilia Hall


  It will be hard to put all my feelings about chiropractic and Dr. Fiore and his staff into a short essay, but if you read this know that I attribute my family's good health directly to our regular attendance at Dr. Fiore's. My children began getting adjusted when they were about 4 or 5 years old. They are now 20 and 22 and continue their chiropractic care at college and at their workplace, knowing that it is essential to their continued good health. My children were plagued with chronic ear infections from infancy and when they started with Dr. Fiore those ear infections disappeared. My husband was on blood pressure and cholesterol medicine at age 35. After he started seeing Dr. Fiore my husband's cholesterol greatly diminished (much more so than with the diet changes we made at home) and he was finally able to get off the blood pressure medicine. Unfortunately my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer and eventually died, however, I am convinced that he lived longer than he would have had he not been seeing Dr. Fiore. I was the first to start seeing Dr. Fiore with back pain from an auto accident when I was a young adult. I had degenerating discs in my neck and with Dr. Fiore's care have reversed that degeneration and I am doing well. I had a shoulder injury that required surgery, and after 18 months of physical therapy was not seeing much improvement. However, with my husband's assistance helping to break up the scar tissue, and Dr. Fiore's adjustments and working with a personal trainer to increase my strength I have recovered and have almost gotten complete use of my shoulder which I would never had achieved unless I had Dr. Fiore's help and guidance. The atmosphere in his office is always positive and caring and my family and I look forward to visiting. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have chiropractic care for preventative purposes, as well as, treatment! It should be everyone's inclusion to regular healthcare. ~ Donna Kurrle


  Approximately 10 years ago, I was having severe pain and restriction of movement in my left arm. My son, a paramedic for the county, suggested Dr. Fiore as he had been treated by Dr. Fiore. I started with regular visits and adjustments and very soon was feeling much better. But foolishly I stopped getting adjusted when the pain stopped! One year later, I suffered with pain, discomfort and the lack of mobility. It's then, that I realized I needed chiropractic adjustments for the quality of life I wanted. I go regularly and as I age, I realize that arthritis causes some lack of movement as well as pain. Dr. Fiore always listens to my issues, does adjustments, recommends exercises and always fixes what hurts! I see my friends, in my age bracket with walkers, canes and in severe pain and taking heavy doses of pain medication, and realize that chiropractic care is what keeps me going!! Every day I thank God and Dr. Fiore for my well-being! ~ Rita Ketchum


    I have been a patient of Dr. Fiore's for several years. When I first came to see him, I had severe leg pain and frequent headaches for which I took muscle relaxants. Since Dr. Fiore has been adjusting me, I no longer have the leg pain, and the headaches are much less frequent. An added benefit has been the classes Dr. Fiore has offered on wellness topics, such as on nutrition, which were very informative. ~ Thank you


Many, many years ago I was in severe pain. I had seen a Chiropractor in my late teens, but never made a commitment to maintenance care until I met Dr. Fiore back in 1985 after a recurring episode left me in severe pain for weeks. Dr. Fiore restored my belief in Chiropractic care. My lifestyle is very busy, as is most people. Sometimes I don't make it in as often as I should or would like- but Dr. Fiore has always been there for me for nearly 23 years. THANKS to Dr. Fiore and all the ladies he has on staff for the continued care throughout the years- you're all WONDERFUL!!!   ~ Mary Diggins, Arnold, MD


  I am a mother of 3 young children and up until a few years ago, I listened to my pediatricians’ recommendations without fully comprehending the implications of vaccinations and medical interventions. When faced with yet another surgery to correct chronic ear infections with my 5 year old daughter, I asked the doctor "What is causing these infections? What can I do to prevent them? What are my other options besides surgery? I was told I had no options and that they couldn't explain why the infections continued even after one set of ear tubes had been surgically implanted. I don't respond well when people tell me I have no options, so I began a search to find out what my real options were. This quickly led me to Dr. Fiore and his staff. The more that my husband and I learned about chiropractic care and treatment, the more it all "made sense". Our daughter began her adjustments in November 2006 and within a few months we noticed that her hearing had greatly improved, she hadn't had an ear infection in months and she was sleeping better. Overall, the adjustments gave our healthy and happy daughter back to us. Not willing to stop with just one healthy and happy child, we soon had our other kids signed up as well. The care we get from Dr. Fiore and his staff is always personal, professional and appreciated. You are always given the time you need. He answers any questions that you might have and is a valuable resource for new information.  ~ Good Luck & Best Wishes!!


The pain in my arm was excruciating and the numbness in my fingers unexplainable; 8 ibuprofen several times a day, no help, prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers 3 times a day, no help. As a women in my mid-thirties (at the time), exposed only to medical doctors who had no suggestions other than drugs, let alone any answers, I wondered if the pain I felt would be for the rest of my life. Fortunately for me, a friend suggested chiropractic, and I made the decision to try. When I arrived the staff was very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Fiore was like no doctor I had ever met; he took time to really listen and teach. Initially my adjustment program lead to relief from the pain, however, over the course of time my whole lifestyle has changed. I learned to listen to my body and allowed it to heal and grow stronger through continued adjustments. The results have affected every aspect of my life. Plus, I've been able to share the experience with others and many of them too are choosing chiropractic, and a healthier lifestyle. 15 years have passed since my first visit to Dr. Fiore and I am forever grateful for the course that decision has taken me. Thank you Dr. Fiore; for all that you are and all that you do. I continue to blossom with each day. ~ Denise Wallnofer


Do not waste another minute contemplating chiropractic treatment! I was always skeptical myself for years until I got sick. I went to many, many doctors for help and no diagnosis except maybe that I was crazy. A friend of mine suggested that maybe Dr. Fiore could help me and of course I looked at my friend and thought no way am I letting a chiropractor touch me. I thought about it for days and finally came to the decision to go. When I went for my first appointment I could not believe it. Someone actually believed me and listened to me! I felt like crying because that was the first time in two years that someone actually sat down and listened to what I was going through. Dr. Fiore is a wonderful caring person and a very intelligent doctor! He knows his stuff! I must also mention that his staff is the greatest! They are very pleasant and caring. I have been going there for a year now and thanks to Dr. Fiore I am getting better and better every day. Before I went to him most of my day was spent in bed or just sitting around doing nothing at all because of my symptoms of dizziness, etc. Do not waste any more time going to other doctor appointments or taking unnecessary medications. Dr. Fiore will change your life for the better in every way! I know that I will be forever grateful! --> Thanks, Peggy Graham